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This is where we archive the current and past issues of The SGMC News which is distributed exclusively to SGMC customers in the store and on-line. It is published on an as needed basis averaging about 9 - 12 issues a year and contains information on primarily what’s new in the store. You will also get notifications of the release of the latest issue of the SGMC News on our Facebook Page. Otherwise you can get the latest issue here in PDF format at your leisure.

Let’s Get Acquainted Brochure

We continue to update our “Let’s Get Acquainted” brochure which gives a nice overview of who we are and the services that we provide and a little history too! If you would like a copy in PDF format, please click the brochure at right or ask for a copy when you come into the store.

Click above to get a PDF copy of  our latest Products & Services Brochure