Natural Products

We are proud to offer you a place to obtain hard to find mostly organic plant-based supplements and personal care products that support a healthy lifestyle. We endeavor to only carry the finest products from the best manufacturers and offer it to you at a competitive price.
We continue to search for new and innovative products that use natural plant-based ingredients to support the health of the body and the planet as well.
We work with the leading suppliers in the Natural Products industry which allow you access to the whole world of alternative herbal, aroma therapy, homeopathic and flower essence alternatives and other proven natural therapies and support for your health and well being. All this without the synthetic man-made chemicals that do nothing to promote healing in the human body and in fact do just the opposite in most cases.
As in other areas of the store, because of limited space and the fact that the natural products market is so huge we are more than willing to special order any of your natural product items for you. Please do not hesitate to ask us about your favorite product or something that you use that you would like us to stock.
Here are just a few of the brands that you may be familiar with:
● King Bio, Washington & Ollois Homeopathics
● Olbas, Pretty Frank (formerly Pit Paste), Charlie’s Soap
● Dr. Bronner’s, Now Foods & Quantum Nutrition Labs
● Essential Oils & diffusers
● Lots of vegetarian and vegan options
● & Lots more. . .

In addition to all the above we have a Board Certified Traditional Naturopath on staff.  He can answer questions you may have on what's available either via traditional over-the-counter products or via Professional Grade Products only available here. If health is what your're after SGMC Quarryville is here to help. Simply call 717-786-7118 and ask for Phil Allamong CTN

Uncompromising Supplements

Our goal with the supplements that we stock is to bring the finest quality whole-food supplements without the unnecessary excipients and fillers. We carry supplements from Quantum Nutrition Labs and Now Foods which are exceptional brands, along with many other brands too numerous to mention.

Earth & Body Friendly Cleaners

We carry many natural cleaners for your body and your home. Think Dr. Bronner's, Kirk's, BetterLife and Charlie's Laundry Powder and Indoor/Outdoor cleaner, organic bar soaps from Vermont Soap, and HogWash Soap from SallyAnder. If it needs cleaned we can help you clean it naturally.

Homeopathic Remedies

Homeopathy has been around for more than 200 years and is used successfully to treat most human maladies by more than 200 million of the world's population. We carry both single and combination remedies from Ollois, Washington Homeopathic, KingBio SafeCare and others as well. We will gladly get you any remedies that you need.


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