Consumer Electronics

We are a full service consumer electronics retailer featuring all the latest consumer electronics, accessories and something you don't find too many places anymore, expertise.
We have the the latest accessories in stock at competitive prices and we have the expertise so that you not only have the right product or part the first time, and you will also get the knowledge you need to get it hooked up right. 
In addition we are Special Order specialists which means that we routinely order items that you need that we don't stock or if we don't have it and can't get it we will suggest how and where you might find the solution to your requirements.

● Cordless Phones with a variety of features
● Standard corded desk & wall phones, two-line phones, answering systems plus wiring and installation accessories.
● Pre-Owned Towers & Laptops, monitors and computer accessories like cables, CD’s, CD-RW’s, DVD’s, printer cartridges and more.
● Headphones, headsets, and more.
● We carry just about any accessory that is required for today’s mobile lifestyle and associated devices plus accessories for some vintage devices as well.

Electronic Parts

Electronic parts covers a lot of territory. What it means to us is all the cords, cables, adapters and connectors that it takes to keep your devices connected and operating. Also you will find soldering supplies, fuses, wire, 12v DC accessories and more.

Headsets & Audio

Yes we have a wide selection of all types of headsets both wired and Bluetooth along  with still offering portable audio that provides AM/FM, CD & cassette if desired. Of course we carry the accessories that you may need to connect audio from your mobile devices.

Computer Mice &  Accessories

We stock a myriad of computer accessories including previously owned desktops and laptop computers, monitors, keyboards and mice. You can get all your printer, monitor, network and USB cables too! Although our accessories are primarily PC based we do have some Apple options as well.


No matter whether you need corded or cordless telephones  (we have the largest selection around) or accessories like line or handset cords or batteries for your cordless phones, we have them. And for your mobile devices we have all the charging & data cables and AC & DC chargers that you may need.


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Appointments are available for product selection, pickup and custom picture framing outside of our regular hours. Please call for an appointment.