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We are proud to be able to offer you the absolute best glass for all your custom picture framing. Once you see Museum Glass on one of your framing projects you will never use anything else. It’s that good. We will be glad to show you the difference with our virtual framing program called FrameVue or with an actual piece of Museum Glass. Please continue to read below about why Museum Glass will give your project the “Wow” factor you are looking for!

Believe it or not, choosing the right glass for your framing project can have just as much of a “wow” factor as the choice of a frame and mat. How? By using Museum Glass from Tru Vue.

With Museum Glass you can clearly see the difference. It’s almost as if there is no glass at all. Reflection is reduced by over 85% for the lowest possible reflection rating and the highest light transmission of all other glass on the market.

How does Museum Glass do it? Tru Vue’s Magnatron Sputtering, a proprietary manufacturing process creates an ultra-thin coating on the glass that suppresses the reflection of visible lights. This coating renders Museum Glass nearly invisible to the eye, allowing almost nothing to come between you and your ability to enjoy the beauty of whatever is in the frame. Imagine. Optimal clarity for true color transmission. The highest brightness and contrast levels available. And the greatest color neutrality around.

In short, Museum Glass will have you saying “Wow” the minute you see your new, framed piece. But there’s more. Museum Glass blocks 98% of harmful UV rays from indoor and outdoor lights helping to protect artwork from fading. This helps your framed piece last a lifetime.

Choosing the right glass clearly does matter. That’s why “Wows!” are being heard from coast to coast from people using Museum Glass to finish their framing projects.

Museum Glass