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People are surprised to see all the art materials and all their familiar brand names when they come in our store. We have Bienfang, Liquitex, Grumbacher, Loew Cornell, Royal, Windsor Newton, Sharpie, Crayola, Swathmore, Canson, Eberhard Faber, Hunt, Frederix,  Speedball & more.

Whether you are just starting to explore your artistic talents or are a long time artist we stock the supplies that you use most. And we have access to just about anything that you might need through our myriad of art material vendors and distributors which we are more than happy to special order for you at any time.

Take a look at a partial list of what you can expect to find.

Water based acrylic spray paints for just about any projects and no fumes!

Calligraphy pens, technical pens, charcoal, various types of drawing pencil sets and lots more.

Paint markers, drawing pencils, Sharpie markers and erasers of all sorts.

Liquitex soft and hard body acrylic paints are the choice of the hobbyist and professional alike.

Choose reliable inexpensive Royal brushes for your projects.

Scupley III polymer clays along with standard modeling clays, plaster of paris and other modeling mediums give you lots of choices.

Choose Grumbacher oil colors or Windsor Newton Watercolors for your projects.

We stock Fredericks stretched canvas and canvas boards from 4” x 6” to 20” x 28” and everything in between.

Simply Simmons brushes are a great choice for beginners and expert alike offering many styles of brushes no matter what you need. And the brush sets offer exceptional value.

No matter what type of pad or paper you need you are  likely to find it here.

Foam board colored one side in 20” x 30” is always a good option when you need a solid surface for mounting or doing modeling.


Koh-I-noor polycolor pencils are awesome colored pencils and are a great choice since you can buy one or many. And when you buy more you save more, too!

Last updated Wednesday, April 24, 2019